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More about Crocodile Cage Dive

Come and experience a thrilling adventure unlike any other. African Crocdive gives you the mind-blowing opportunity to have an intimate encounter with Africa’s top predators.

Crocdive is home to over a hundred crocodiles and is situated in the Winelands, about 30 minutes from Cape Town, on the great Le Bonheur crocodile farm. Encounter these powerful creatures up close and personal in their natural habitat. From inside the cage, you can watch the captivating Nile crocodile underwater and see their mighty jaws and thick tails as they are fed by our staff.

We provide all the necessary equipment needed for the dive, including extra towels at no additional cost. After enjoying breakfast/lunch at our cafe, there will be a swift safety briefing and you will receive your required diving gear.

The cage has a maximum capacity of 10 divers and you spend around 20 minutes underwater with the crocodiles. After your crocdive experience, you are welcome to have a refreshing shower and enjoy some delicious snacks. Also take a moment to have a look at the photos and video of your crocodile adventure, which you are welcome to purchase at a supplementary cost.

What people say

Great experience, highly recommended....  -  Mark Goodwin.



1 hour


This service is available in the summer months


Le Bonheur Crocodile Farm, Babylonstoren Road, Simondium


This service is weather dependent.

What to Wear:

Wear something comfortable and bring something warm with for afterwards.

Things to bring:

Bring your swimming costume.

Guests or Spectators:

Spectators are allowed.

Min Age:

Inclusions & Exclusions


All dive equipment required for the dive such as secondskins, booties, masks and towels are provided at no extra cost.


Transport, refreshments and souvenirs are not included. No constant air supply, Only for qualified divers via prior arrangement.

Opinions On Crocodile Cage Dive

What the locals say about Crocodile Cage Dive.

Mark Goodwin

Great experience, highly recommended.

Adam Baton

Awesome experience!! Would defiantly do it again.

David Snyman

Friendly staff. Professional service. Very exciting experience.


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African Croc Dive

African Croc Dive is located in the heart of the Winelands on the world-renowned Le Bonheur crocodile farm, housing more than 1000 crocodiles

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