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Great White Shark Cage Diving

in Mossel Bay in Cape Town by Apex Shark Expeditions


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More about Great White Shark Cage Diving

Mossel Bay, a four hour drive from Cape Town, is a very rich area with its abundant sea life of diverse fish, seals, whales, penguins, other sea birds, dolphins, the occasional Orca and,usually good sightings of Great White Sharks.

Proposed Itinerary (subject to change based on weather and tides) NOTE: Due to travel times, this is a full day activity. Meeting time is an hour before launch time so you can relax, have some breakfast and listen to the safety and boat trip briefing.

The trip from the dock to the shark site is only about ten minutes so there is no long and tedious boat ride. The bay is also protected so the sea conditions are normally very calm and comfortable. The crew will provide a briefing concerning the cage diving on the boat. It can take several minutes or several hours for the first shark to appear and while we enjoy a high success rate, you need to understand that nothing is guaranteed. Once we have sharks at the boat, the cage will go into the water and the diving will begin. Topside viewing is exciting for the non-diver and as the shark works very close to the surface you will have plenty of opportunity to take some action shots.

A trip generally lasts for +- three to four hours and we offer a light lunch, snacks and drinks on the boat and there is plenty of opportunity to chat to the staff and ask questions.

What people say

I have had a facisnation with sharks all my life and wanted to see and get in the water with Great W...  -  Lucy Hoyte.



11 hours


The service is available year round.


Mossel Bay, 4 - 5 hours from Cape Town Transfer guests If you require transfers these will depart from Cape Town Central. The exact pick up time will be confirmed with you late afternoon the day before your trip. Self-Drive Guests If you are self -drive the meeting address will be confirmed in a separate email and the exact meeting time confirmed with you late afternoon the day before your trip.


Sea conditions permitting. The safety of our guests are paramount and the skipper has absolute discretion to take the boat to sea or not.

What to Wear:

* Dress in layers. It can be cold on the water. * Swimwear donned underneath your clothes for ease of changing on the vessel

Things to bring:

Snacks and refreshments Dress in layers, Warm weather jacket, closed shoes, beanie, scarf, hat/cap, polarized sunglasses, towel, bathing costume, sunblock & camera. If you are prone to motion sickness, we recommend Sturgeron or Dramamine tablets. Take one the night before your trip and another one and a half hour before we are scheduled to meet. For your own enjoyment of the trip, we recommend that you do not overindulge in alcohol the night before as this may result in you being very seasick the next day.

Guests or Spectators:

Cage divers and surface viewers pay the same rate.

Min Age:

Inclusions & Exclusions


All dive gear (mask, wetsuit, weight belt) and certificate of your White Shark Experience. CREDIT CARD REQUIREMENTS - ONLINE BOOKINGS A person must possess a credit card (Amex is not accepted). The credit card has to be fully authenticated (3D secure) Enabled to make international payments (Please notify your bank) Sufficient funds on the card In the event of a payment failure, please contact your bank for authorization & Apex. Credit card fees


Transfers are not included. These are quoted upon request. Snacks and refreshments. Towels.

Opinions On Great White Shark Cage Diving

What the locals say about Great White Shark Cage Diving.

Lucy Hoyte

I have had a facisnation with sharks all my life and wanted to see and get in the water with Great Whites for as long as I can remember so this was one of the best experiences of my life - THANK YOU. The lecture at the beginning was brilliant and really important for me that you talked about shark conservation and finning industry. Avo and cheese toasties beforehand were fab. I was amazed at how long we could spent in the water and how soon we found sharks. I also thought it was great that we were out by the seal island and their natural food. I felt entirely safe with the guys. Richard in particular was brilliant - he could see I was nervous and encouraged me to get in and checked up on me constantly. We also thought his safety explaination and “3 strike” rule was brilliant as there were people on the boat who would probably take the michael if he hadn’t. The people I had with me were South African and against shark diving so just there to support me but they also loved seeing the sharks and I think you managed to change their views on the shark cage industry a lot. The only thing they weren’t sure about or thought was unnecessary was baiting the sharks with the tuna fish head and I’d be interested to know more about whether there are any risks associated with this and also whether the sharks spend additional energy chasing it? I personally had no problem with it and felt it was more like watching a cat play with a piece of string but would be grateful if you could let me know. Last - we booked through Apex Shark diving so were a bit confused when we arrived as we were looking for their logo but assume they are the agency? Anyway thank you so much again - I have thoroughly recommended you to my friends going out to SA next year who want to meet your sharks friends and it will remain one of the greatest highlights of my life.


We had a really great day seeing great white sharks. The team was friendly and provided us with lots of interesting facts about sharks. They also made a good effort to make sure everyone could see them and kept them interested. Overall great experience and great video!

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