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Hiking & Walking at Berg River

in Franschhoek by Franschhoek Wine Valley



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More about Hiking & Walking at Berg River

The spectacular mountains surrounding the Berg River dam in Franschhoek is the hiking and walking adventure land to which you gain a full day's access (starting 08:00 and ending 18:00) when you purchase this permit. You will start at the entrance on Robertsvlei Road and discover miles of walking paths charting breathtaking routes through the mountains. Parking is available at the gate where you will present your permit(s) to gain access. You have both challenging and leisurely walks through the mountain fynbos available in the Berg River Dam conservation area. You can reach high lookout points within the days walk for wonderful views overlooking the Franschhoek Valley, the Boland mountainscapes and the landscape towards the southern ocean. Table Mountain also features in the distance. There is an abundance of birdlife to surprise and entertain birding enthusiasts.

What people say

Can you please make it easier to get a permit? Maybe snapscan or zapper or even eft option. I had...  -  Jonathan.



10 hours


Year round, seven days a week from 8:00 to 18:00


Start and end at the Robertsvlei road entrance.


You can walk in all weather but you have to dress appropriately. It can become very cold high in the mountains late afternoon in winter. Do stay on pathways at all times.

What to Wear:

Wear light clothing in summer and warm clothing in winter. A good pair of walking shoes is essential.

Things to bring:

Bring your own food, refreshments and drinks, especially water. It is important to stay hydrated while walking and hiking. Bring your own litter bag and protect the environment that you enjoy.

Guests or Spectators:

There is no restaurant or rest facilities at the gate where guests can wait for hikers. We recommend that your guests can wait for you at one of Franschhoeks many restaurants or winefarms for an enjoyable experience.



Certification Required:

Inclusions & Exclusions


Access to the hiking and walking trails in the Berg River Dam conservation area for one day.


Meals, drinks are not offered and are not included.

Opinions On Hiking & Walking at Berg River

What the locals say about Hiking & Walking at Berg River.


Can you please make it easier to get a permit? Maybe snapscan or zapper or even eft option. I had to drive al the way to Franschhoek just to buy a permit.

Werner Dalziel

Very beautiful hike up to the old English fort. Many waterfalls and streams along the way thanks to the recent rains. Was also nice to see the Berg River dam so full after the drought.

Celine Bores

It's a very nice hike once you pass the bridge and are on paths rather than the concrete blocks but clearly is meant for bikes so distance from the gate to there is a little long for hikers and holds very little interest. Felt like being asked to pay R20 for the map was annoying after paying R50 for entering the hike but there are no indications on the way in terms of which path you are taking and where it leads - had taken a picture of the map at the entrance and we had to constantly refer to it. Aside from that great views all throughout.

Russell Lowe

Staff was very helpful and knowledgeable. Two excellent walking experiences on two successive days. Well done another plus for the fabulous Franschhoek valley!


Only 75 km from Cape Town, picturesque Franschhoek is an idyllic setting for wining and dining.
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