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Paint Ball - 100 Balls

in Hazyview by GZ Adventures Induna


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At Induna Adventures we play Paintball war games in “The Gaza Strip”, a Paintball course complete with trences, a barbed wire border post, river and broken walls as obstacles. The course also has a specator friendly area that is elevated and camped off with see through netlon, from where spectators have a front seat view of the game.

What people say

please provide armour those ball hurts alots ...  -  Bopate.



1 hour


Available 365 days a year


Induna adventures Hazyview


No Rain

What to Wear:

Old clothes, Paint Ball can get messy.

Things to bring:

Old clothes, Paint Ball can get messy.

Guests or Spectators:

We will supply the paintball guns, paintballs and protective eyewear (according to paintball regulations), as well as protective clothing for the players. It is a fun and technical exercise! While there are many different types of games, all involve strategy, stealth and quick thinking. (Min 4 pax) • Capture the flag – ends when your team captures the opponent’s flag and returns it to the base. • Center flag– similar to “Capture the flag” but with only one flag in the centre of the field to be captured. • Fox and hound – everyone hunts a small fox team, foxes may receive multiple hits, and hounds get only one hit. • Elimination – two teams slug it out to the last man. Predator – hunt the predators. Children from 12 years

Min Age:

Inclusions & Exclusions


90 Paint Balls


Items of a personal Nature

Opinions On Paint Ball - 100 Balls

What the locals say about Paint Ball - 100 Balls.


please provide armour those ball hurts alots

Chantelle Moyana

Paint ball was a blast, I forgot the name of the guy who was monitoring us but he was the best.

Tshidi Tshabalala

Great experience.

Dainfern College

Thank you! The boys loved the experience playing paintball at Induna. Even those who were watching had fun and cheered their teams. The instructor was very clear in explaining the rules and much caution was taken to avoid accidents.


Midway between the Drakensberg escarpment and the Kruger National Park is where you’ll find Hazyview.

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