African Tribal 5 Dancers

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Enjoy watching a lively troupe against the backdrop of vibrant Sun City for this cultural dancing activity. Two percussionists accompany the troupe, as music is pivotal to the art of African cultural dancing. These talented artists and dancers infuse Tswana and Zulu traditional dances with a contemporary style.

Cultural dancing is fundamental to Africa’s heritage, it is the thread that draws the past and present together, energising, invigorating and inspiring us with age-old tales kept alive through this cultural medium. Enjoy learning to dance, clap and sing along to these infectious African rhythms.



1 hour


Year round, seven days a week.


Sun City or Pilanesberg Area


No weather restrictions.

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*Our facilitators will come to your venue within Sun City Resort or the Pilanesberg area.
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The performers are local, dynamic young men and women who perform both their own Tswana dances as well as the more mainstream Zulu shows. Duration: 1 hour


Venue Hire, beverages and transfer

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