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Clay target shooting

Clay pigeon shooting is fun, highly visual and anyone can participate.

How to Enjoy Clay target shooting

You don't have to be good to enjoy the experience.

Beware !!! Clay pigeon shooting is addictive! It brings out the child – bangs and blowing up things. Its fun watching a spinning orange disc get blown into bits.

It’s a challenge. It tests your hand-eye coordination, your consistency, and your reactions.

It’s fun. And it is very relaxing. You become totally focused on that clay pigeon and what it is doing and how you are going to…get it. Damn! Missed! Next time. Gotcha! You shut everything else out. Work and worries seem a million miles away.

Ideal for  

The wild and adrenaline rush keen eye adventurer

Do not expect  

That this is a real firearm

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