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Rock Climbing

When rock climbing expect to climb tricky rock faces while putting your mental strength to the test.

How to Enjoy Rock Climbing

Rock climbing mixes sightseeing and exercise in a white-knuckle experience. With the wind in your hair and sun on your back, you’ll muster up all the physical and mental strength you have as you overcome tough rock climbing surfaces and face your fears all while the endorphins rush through you.

The result of your rock climbing efforts and throbbing muscles is a spectacular view that will make up for any doubts you may have had on the ascent. Feel like a super hero after an intense rock climbing adventure as you survey your achievements and the unspoilt beauty that surrounds you.

Ideal for  

Indoor rock climbers who’ve graduated, abseiling adventurers and mountain hikers.

Do not expect  

Comfort in your mind or body, but do expect comfort in your soul.

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