When waterskiing you’ll be pulled by a boat with a tow rope as you skim the water on your skis.

How to Enjoy Waterskiing

Waterskiing can be one of the most thrilling water sport activities. It involves balance, agility, mental strength and a good sense of humour (as you’ll probably take a few tumbles!). Safety is of the utmost importance when waterskiing so you will always have a life jacket and instructor with you.

Many places also offer professional instructions instructors for those who have never tried waterskiing, thus making it an exciting sport anyone can try. If the idea of gliding on water, while the scenic landscape rushes past you, excites you then waterskiing is definitely the outdoor adventure for you.

Ideal for  

Water sports enthusiasts and those who can be persistent after a graceful tumble.

Do not expect  

To take to it like a fish to water, it might take a few attempts to find your balance.

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