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Canyon Adventures South Africa

Canyon Adventures provides active nature-based adventure experiences at Wilderness. Small groups are provided with the full array of equipment and expertly guided through the spectacular Kaaimans River gorge.

How to Enjoy Canyon Adventures South Africa

We specialise in Canyoning tours. This involves exploring our beautiful forest canyon on foot. You will be hiking to the river, scrambling and swimming in the river and you will have the opportunity to do optional and guided cliff jumping. Our Full Canyon Trip also features a 30m high abseil down an overhang. River boots, photos, wetsuits and all the other equipment is included.

What people say

Excellent experience. The instructor Greg was very thorough and informative. My wife and I loved eve...  -  Thasveer Maraj .

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What people say about Canyon Adventures South Africa.

Thasveer Maraj

Excellent experience. The instructor Greg was very thorough and informative. My wife and I loved every bit of the canyon trip. It's definitely a must do when in Wilderness.

Thasveer Maraj  experienced the Canyon Trip with Abseil


It was lots of fun. We really enjoyed the experience! Greg, our guide, knew what he was doing and we felt safe while abseiling. Greg is also very knowledgeable about nature and told us various interesting facts. We planted a tree that helps preserve the environment. The abseiling was a 32m thrilling adrenaline rush, you can decide how fast you want to go and we saw a rainbow in the waterfall going down, it was perfect! The rest of the experience where we jumped into the dark water from the cliffs was a bit scary but lots of fun ?. The great thing about it is that you can stop at any height you feel comfortable with or you don't have to jump at all (although we highly recommend it!) Another highlight was the little golden snack before we hiked back! It was one of our most memorable experiences ever! The gear provided for the experience was in a very good condition and helped a lot for the cold water and rocks. We will do this again anytime!

Ben experienced the Canyon Trip with Abseil

Adriaan Jacobs

What a great experience and so much fun, Greg is absolutely a Legend and made sure that while there is safety protocols we can enjoy ourself. This is a have to do for anybody that loves the outdoor and adrenaline.So much to do , hiking, swimming , jumping from heights ,abseiling,canyoning. Thanks Greg for this life experience

Adriaan Jacobs experienced the Canyon Trip with Abseil


The Full Canyon Trip with abseil was an absolute blast! Greg was a great guide who made sure we always felt safe while having the most fun. Although I was scared for the abseil at first, it turned out to be my favourite part. Taking a slow decent (you control how fast or slow you go) down the cliff edge while enjoying epic views of the gorge was such a special experience. You get a unique view of the rocky mountain, lush with greenery from the water trickling over the edge. Once we landed in the gorge, we enjoyed swimming in secluded waters and cliff jumping off various heights (not compulsory). Greg made sure to take tonnes pics along the way documenting the adventure.

Alexa experienced the Canyon Trip with Abseil

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