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Closer to Africa

By choosing Closer to Africa, you can expect the most authentic experiences whilst playing your part in creating a healthier and more sustainable future for tourism alongside heritage and culture.

How to Enjoy Closer to Africa

We a bunch of Cape Town locals ready to take on the world of Tourism to help make it more socially sustainable. Closer to Africa is a dedicated community tour operator based in Cape Town South Africa. We on a mission to transform the African travel landscape to be more sustainable for the future and more inclusive for all. Our tours are designed for the conscious traveller looking to explore neighbourhoods for their unique heritage, culture or traditions, but in a way that contributes towards the conservation and preservation of these locations. Our experiences are life-changing and offer closer connections to people & places, whilst simultaneously having a positive impact.

We connect travellers to the most authentic local experiences whilst helping to create a deeper consciousness about travel and impact.

Combining ethical local suppliers, we create experiences that kickback 10% of profits to a community initiative or NPO, ensuring future sustainability. Our tours leave a minimum impact on locations by decreasing maximum capacity and frequency. We also try to have enough product variety which helps to reduce the impact on popular sites.

Our strength lies in our ability to work with Civic bodies and community organisations to develop social welfare and community development initiatives funded by our tours.

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