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Shark Cage Diving Gansbaai

in Cape Town by Apex Shark Expeditions


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More about Shark Cage Diving Gansbaai

Gansbaai, 2 1/2 hours drive from Cape Town had become known as one of only two unique areas in the world, where the chances to view the Great White shark was exceptionally high.Generally Great White shark sightings in Gansbaai have been well below normal in the past few years with sightings of these rare animals being unpredictable and sporadic. On days and weeks, when great whites are not seen another species of shark, the Copper Shark has become a frequently encountered species in this area.

This area focuses on cage diving and it is unlikely to see the breaching behaviour here. Duration is 3 to 4 hours at sea based on sea conditions and shark activity.

Environment and Education

There are 8 other operators in this area and it can be confusing as to which is the best company to book, so this is where we can advise you. There is no extra charge for us to book you on this tour and the benefit to you is that you will be going with a reputable operation that offers an environmentally friendly and educational experience.

The Boats and Cages

The boat’s capacities are anywhere from 20 to 37 guests and the cages accommodate 5- 9 divers. There are no intimate small group operators in this area. Facilities include: upper viewing decks & toilets.

Safety and Cage Diving

Your safety is paramount. Divers will be supervised by a Dive Master and all the required permits and safety equipment are in order and on board. The cage is a securely designed steel cage which floats on the surface, with divers no more than 1 meter below the surface. All dives are breath-hold which is comfortable and safe – NO EXPERIENCE REQUIRED! The best way to see the sharks is to simply hold your breath!

Surface viewing

The shark handlers are trained to bring the sharks close to the side of the boat. So, for those not wanting to get in the cage, you will still get to see this amazing animal up close and personal. The price is the same for diving and surface viewing.

Video link footage of your adventure

The service of a professional underwater videographer will capture your personal experience on a high quality video / link (topside and underwater) and this link is available at a minimal cost. Capture this once-in-a-lifetime personal experience and take it home to show to your family and friends.

What people say

A MUST! They really took care of increasing your chances of seeing sharks and driving all the way to...  -  Cristina Bahamonde Castro.



11 hours


The service is available year round except for Christmas and New Year.


Kleinbaai Harbour, Gansbaai, Western Cape (2 hours from Cape Town). Transfer guests If you require transfers these will depart from Cape Town Central. The exact pick up time will be confirmed with you late afternoon the day before your trip. Self-Drive Guests If you are self -drive the meeting address will be confirmed in a separate email and the exact meeting time confirmed with you late afternoon the day before your trip. Return Point Cape Town Central.


Sea conditions permitting.

What to Wear:

* Dress in layers. It can be cold on the water. * Swimwear donned underneath your clothes for ease of changing on the vessel

Things to bring:

What to bring? Dress in layers, Warm weather jacket, closed shoes, beanie, scarf, hat/cap, polarized sunglasses, towel, bathing costume, sun block & camera. If you are prone to motion sickness, we recommend Sturgeron or Dramamine tablets. Take one the night before your trip and another one and a half hour before we are scheduled to meet. For your own enjoyment of the trip, we recommend that you do not over indulge in alcohol the night before as this may result in you being very sea sick the next day.

Guests or Spectators:

Inclusions & Exclusions


* Breakfast/light meal upon arrival * All dive gear (mask, wetsuit, weight-belt) * Snacks and soft drinks on board * Towels * Waterproof/windproof jackets * Conservation Fees CREDIT CARD REQUIREMENTS - ONLINE BOOKINGS A person must possess a credit card (Amex is not accepted). The credit card has to fully authenticated (3D secure) Enabled to make international payments (Please notify your bank) Sufficient funds on the card In the event of a payment failure, please contact your bank for authorization & Apex.


* Transfers - Any suburb outside Cape Town will require a quote. Door to door transfers arranged upon request. * Video or link available at an additional cost.

Opinions On Shark Cage Diving Gansbaai

What the locals say about Shark Cage Diving Gansbaai.

Cristina Bahamonde Castro

A MUST! They really took care of increasing your chances of seeing sharks and driving all the way to Gansbaai super early was way worth it! The boat crew was really kind and the lead scientist was very knowledgeable, you could tell they really enjoyed their job. There's nothing quite like having a Great White face to face, a one of a kind animal!

Jake Bishop

Fantastic experience ran by a fantastic team. Very professional, friendly and polite. Brilliant service from start to finish including help with booking, transport, food, equipment, communication and facilities. I also felt completely safe and well looking after for what could have been a very daunting experience but due to the professionalism was just amazing and highly enjoyable. Would recommend to anyone. I have a friend going on February who I have already passed on your details to and she will be booking you closer to the time I’m sure. The Australian (poss kiwi) girl, hannah possibly was her name (apologies) who took charge of our expedition was particularly great, very friendly and helpful. Thank you again! Jake.

Christos Pericleous


Mr Damian Gliddon

We booked through Apex as I have been a fan Chris Fallows' photography and his wok with Great Whites for years. They were more than helpful for all my queries for the booking as the cage diving was the main reason for myself and my wife to visit South Africa for our short break. They advised a multiple booking prior to arrival to guarantee we were not going home disappointed. Just before we fly to Cape Town we checked in and due to sightings being more positive in Gansbaai they spoke to one of their partner diver companies and booked us with them. Everything was super smooth and no issues with the bookings at all. Unfortunately we did not see anything on the first day but the crew were great and took us to the infamous Shark Alley and made us walk away not unhappy. The second day were we more than overwhelmed to see 3 Great White Sharks on the day ! It was amazing to say the least as these sharks do not live there, they simply pass through. i dont think i have stopped talking about it yet ! I would highly recommend Apex and we will be back to do it all over again when we can bring our children to South Africa to do it with us. Thankyou to the team for all the advice and smooth booking process.

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