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1. What is for? is a FREE OF CHARGE service to consumers to search, browse, book and pay for, or in other words find and book, choose and purchase all kinds of tourism activity services, published thereon by Activity Operators (exclusively tourism services providers in the activity category) who distribute their services on the website.

Please carefully read our Terms of Service, which is the only basis on which you may use our services.

2. What pages and functions are found on the site and what are their purpose?

Pages for cities describing their offering in terms of activities.
Pages for activity types describing the experience and its benefits.
Pages for activity themes describing the activities available under the theme.
Pages for activity suppliers describing the company and their offerings.
Pages for each activity service with details, pricing and availability.
Extensive expert opinions and consumer reviews.
Shopping cart facilitating the purchase of different services from different suppliers with a single payment.
Online payment and final confirmations.
Payment with loyalty miles and promo voucher codes.
Unique search and browse navigation based on quick links and Google Search.

3. How do I navigate

It is very easy to navigate The site has been designed to best support you to find anything you are looking for and easily complete your reservation.

A search bar is provided at the top of every page which allows free text searching based on the Google search API and Quick links. Just type in the letters of the search you have in mind and the site will start suggesting corresponding pages or simply type and click search and a search results page with activities that most closely match your search terms will be presented.

In addition to the search function the site also suggests a browsing style of exploration of the content and products offered. You will be offered other relevant pages to explore on each page your visit, just click and browse away.

4. How do I make a reservation?

On the page for every service you will see the price displayed and the actual availability status for a given number of guests and given timeslot on a date some days into the future. You can use a date picker and guest number and timeslot drop downs to submit your requirements.

The site will immediately return for you the availability status of your requirements. This availability status is as reliable as possible because it is the live availability status that is maintained by the activity operators in their own system also for their own in house loaded reservations. If available you can either click book now or add to cart if you want to keep on browsing. You can add and remove items from the cart as you browse.

If you continued browsing, keep on adding services to the cart until you are ready to check out. Now select cart and then checkout cart. This will bring you to the booking page where you will go directly every time you click book now.

The booking page shows what you have selected to purchase (services, dates & timeslots, guest numbers) and what the cost of each service is, as well as the total cost. You are able to remove any item from the checkout at this point.

You can also easily edit requirements on each service right there on the checkout screen (for example change time slots so that you do not have any overlapping same day timeslots or insufficient time to travel between activities). This means the checkout also functions like a little trip scheduling app.

Once you are satisfied with what is in your checkout basket you are ready to book and pay.

Now you just have to read the Terms and Conditions on which you are contracting with the activity operator, confirm that you agree, and proceed with the remainder of the booking and payment process. It is important to note here again for clarity: You are contracting with the activity operator directly using the technology platform.

5. How do I pay?

You pick your preferred method of payment, depending what is offered in your region, for example credit card, Paypal, or EFT. Fill in your personal details and the billing details and click confirm.

The system will then interact with the payment infrastructure to obtain authorisation for the transaction and if required by your bank may ask you to engage with the Verified by Visa / 3D Secure to verify that you are the card holder.

Once we have the necessary authorisations will issue a confirmation to you by email and simultaneously ad your booking to the in-house system of the Activity Operator through the connectivity we have with that system.

6. How do the funds flow?

Because offers the facility for you to book multiple services in a single booking and with a single payment even where the services are supplied by separate providers, it is very important to note the following in regard to payment:

For each time you click confirm on a booking or set of bookings, only one single transaction will be registered against your account in the amount of the total shown on the checkout page for that booking or set of bookings. This transaction will be in the name of the payment provider, for example PayGenius, who securely processes the transaction.

The single payment is received by to a single central merchant account at the payment processor on behalf of the activity operators whose services are booked in the associated reservation.’s back-end system now issues regular automated batch payment instructions to the payment processor to transfer the funds to the activity operators. These batch payment instructions detail how single payments received must be split by the payment processor, for payments relating to services of multiple activity operators. The correct amount due to each activity operator is then paid over to the bank accounts of such activity operators by the payment processor.

This process is necessitated to give you the convenience of a single payment for multiple services. The alternative is that you may need to make 4 or 5 different bookings separately making new payments each time. We decided it was really vital for us to give you the convenience you deserve.

It remains your option to use to book the services of each activity operator individually making individual payments for each activity operator you are contracting with but that will not make any material difference to the flow of funds which will go via a central account at the payment processor on to the account of the activity operator.

7. How do I get customer care once you have booked?

Once your booking is paid and confirmed you will receive your confirmation on email. We highly recommend that you place the email in a secure online folder accessible from mobile and home / office locations and also keep a printed copy also for when you are travelling. The confirmation email contains the Customer Care Details of the Activity Operator including phone and email contacts.

8. How do you change or cancel a reservation?

You are able to use the Customer Care contacts on the confirmation email to contact the activity operator whose service is affected by your request for change or cancellation.

Remember that for all bookings on the suppliers inhouse system will reflect all the details of your booking and payment and has the facility to apply edits, changes and cancellations, which they will do subject of course to their Terms and Conditions.

9. If I cancel or reduce guest numbers on bookings can I get a refund?

Applications for refunds must in each case be made to the relevant activity operator on the Customer Care contacts provided on the booking confirmation email., as the provider of the booking platform only and not being a party at all to the agreement, are not the judge nor the arbiter of applications for refund.

De facto the outcome of any refund request submitted is decided on a case by case basis and on the merits by each case by the relevant activity operator based on the application of the rules contained in their Terms and Conditions which is the record of your agreement with them which agreement is established at the moment of the booking transaction, where you inter alia expressly accept said Terms and Conditions.

It is important to note that once a decision to refund has been made by a supplier it may take up to 21 days for funds to reach your account.

If a satisfactory outcome is not achieved or a promised refund does not reach your account within 21 days you may alert Activitar and we will investigate. Our interest is to be assured our clients are receiving a high standard of service from activity operators, but we cannot assume any right to overrule decisions by activity operators made in the course of their business.

10. How do I report an error on the site if I discover one?

We strive to provide a best in class online activity booking service. To achieve the high service levels we aspire to we need your help. Large software applications such as and its underlying systems and associated infrastructures are complex and has to be managed to avoid and minimize any issues that arise through for example use, system or software updates, network and infrastructure issues and human error.

Our quality assurance team will highly appreciate your assistance in reporting any item of concern. Please email us on:

11. How do you report a content issue on the site if you find one?

We also aim to provide you with very high quality content, and we want the content to continue to improve. Here you can help us too by reporting any concerns. Please email us on:


This FAQ must be read with the Terms of Use of, is subject to the Terms of Use, and is not intended to deviate from the Terms of Use. If there is any deviation between the two documents that has to be determined, then the Terms of Use is the final authority.

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