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Charming Grabouw is famed for its scenic mountain ranges, fynbos, quad biking routes and wine tours.

How to Enjoy Grabouw

Grabouw is the perfect place for those who love the outdoors. Its striking scenery can be explored through off-road activities, such as quad biking and 4x4 adventures. During these adventures you will be able to take in the sights of Grabouw’s renowned mountain ranges, and discover its unique fynbos.

Grabouw is probably most famous for its agriculture – and its vineyards are no exception. Wine tours offer an excellent introduction to the best the region has to offer, and Grabouw’s Sauvignon Blancs are a must try. All of this can be seen in the lush surroundings of the picturesque town of Grabouw.

Ideal for  

Quad biking adventures, 4x4 adventures, wine tasting and beautiful sightseeing tours.

Do not expect  

The Big Five, wildlife experiences, safari activities, or bustling city tours.

Best Activities In Grabouw

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