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Cullinan Mine Tours

Come and enjoy with us exclusive surface and underground tours of the working Cullinan Diamond Mine.

How to Enjoy Cullinan Mine Tours

This mine has produced some of the world's largest high-quality gemstones and is the home of the world's largest diamond - the Cullinan (3106 ct).

Recently, a number of record braking blue diamonds have been found including a 122.52-carat diamond which achieved a value of US$ 27.6 million in 2014.

After visiting the mine, you will get the opportunity to visit the Cullinan Diamond Mine market for an unforgettable diamond and jeweler shopping experience.

The Cullinan ore body contains a major diamond resource of 195 Mcts, suggesting a potentially long life for the operation of +50 years.

What people say

A very informative tour with a very competent guide. Will recommend it to friends and family. I do...  -  Peter Frandsen.

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Opinions On Cullinan Mine Tours

What people say about Cullinan Mine Tours.

Peter Frandsen

A very informative tour with a very competent guide. Will recommend it to friends and family. I do however, miss the little curio shop that used to be there years ago.

Peter Frandsen experienced the Cullinan Surface Mine Tour

de vleeschauwer godelieve

Heel interessant maar spijtig dat we niet zagen hoe ze naar diamanten zoeken

de vleeschauwer godelieve experienced the Cullinan Surface Mine Tour

Gregory Hodgdon

Interesting tour, good guide, fair price. The security access did not work well, issues with people stuck between doors. Surely the mine workers don't have such delays coming and going. The guide was a bit too accommodating to one tourist who was in a hurry to finish early. His lack of planning was allowed to taint and shorten the experience of all. We tracked 10,000 miles to be there and arrived early, why let the stupidity of one guest drive the experience. Hopefully the idiots (guests like this) don't lead things in S Africa and those who don't follow the timings are left unserved vs. what happened here on outer tour. The guide needed more leadership to take care of the group vs catering to the one idiot.

Gregory Hodgdon experienced the Cullinan Surface Mine Tour

Colin Watson

Hi, I really enjoyed our visit. I brought two friends from UK who were staying with me. Sharon did a good job explaining the operations. I will come again when I have visitors staying. The history is interesting and it's great to see the ongoing operation. Regards Colin

Colin Watson experienced the Cullinan Surface Mine Tour

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