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Five Shy Meerkats

Welcome to Five Shy Meerkats. Based in Oudtshoorn, South Africa. Situated in the northern part of the Garden Route, with a lot of fun activities, natural wildlife and the home of Meerkat Adventures.

How to Enjoy Five Shy Meerkats

Five Shy are based on one of the most beautiful cattle and alfalfa (lusern) farms in Oudtshoorn, home of, the original meerkat conservation site.

Come join in and take the educational tour with me and the meerkats. They are incredibly adorable and

All Information and photos on this site are from my own(me JD)research and are based on findings and information from seven or eight groups of meerkats that I have worked with around Oudtshoorn in the Little Karoo (South Africa).

You must understand that I have only been researching meerkats since late 2008 when I noticed that the meerkats that I was observing every day we're living in an unnatural meerkat habitat.

See you soon.

What people say

We had a great time watching these small, beautiful animals in their natural habitat. We were welcom...  -  Karin Vasell.

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Opinions On Five Shy Meerkats

What people say about Five Shy Meerkats.

Karin Vasell

We had a great time watching these small, beautiful animals in their natural habitat. We were welcomed by JD and had a warm cup of coffee in the chilly morning. Each and every one in the group, then took a foldable camping chair and started to walk out in the field, to get close to the burrows. JD showed us tracks of both meerkats and an aardvark on the way. While close to the burrows we sat down and waited for the meerkats to wake up. Meanwhile we were told facts about the meerkats and stories about the creatures we were about to see. Spent about an hour with the small animals, watching them waking up and doing their morning toilet. Then they ran away to find food, and we headed back to the car. We enjoyed every minute of the tour!

Karin Vasell experienced the Wild Meerkat Adventure Tour

David Bath

The tour far exceeded our expectation mainly because, in spite of the careful habituation, the experience remains a totally natural one. We feel very privileged to have spent such quality time in the presence of the meerkats, being able to observe them at close range, accompanied by the friendly and knowledgeable Devey. Highly recommended! Thanks also for the detailed and efficient booking followed by top class communication, timely meeting, coffee time and the way our family group of 11 to 78 year olds were catered for.

David Bath experienced the Wild Meerkat Adventure Tour

Ankur Poddar

Just one word for the experience - Fantastic. We were on the Garden Route and took a detour of a day and stayed overnight at De Zeekoe Farm especially so that we could go for the Meerkats experience, and I am glad we did. It was an amazing and very intimate encounter with the Meerkats where we just watched the Meerkats go about their daily lives in the morning, while sitting on Camp Chairs a few metres away. And the guide couldn't have been better - the only person in SA who is researching Meerkats. He also keeps you entertained with brilliant stories from his life, while you patiently wait for the meerkats to wake up and come out of their holes in the morning. Just go for it!!!

Ankur Poddar experienced the Wild Meerkat Adventure Tour

Natallia Rudman

If you value really authentic experiences and not commercial ones, you must definitely visit! This is not your ordinary experience when you look at miserable obese animals in enclosures. This is REAL Wild meerkats in their habitat, free and happy. It is one of the most striking tours I've ever been to. It was so precious to see them doing their things in real life at the 3-4 meter distance. And we learnt a lot about their habIts from our guide. Amazing! Strongly recommend!

Natallia Rudman experienced the Wild Meerkat Adventure Tour

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