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Five Shy Meerkats

Welcome to Five Shy Meerkats. Based in Oudtshoorn, South Africa. Situated in the northern part of the Garden Route, with a lot of fun activities, natural wildlife and the home of Meerkat Adventures.

How to Enjoy Five Shy Meerkats

Five Shy are based on one of the most beautiful cattle and alfalfa (lusern) farms in Oudtshoorn, home of, the original meerkat conservation site.

Come join in and take the educational tour with me and the meerkats. They are incredibly adorable and

All Information and photos on this site are from my own(me JD)research and are based on findings and information from seven or eight groups of meerkats that I have worked with around Oudtshoorn in the Little Karoo (South Africa).

You must understand that I have only been researching meerkats since late 2008 when I noticed that the meerkats that I was observing every day we're living in an unnatural meerkat habitat.

See you soon.

What people say

If you value really authentic experiences and not commercial ones, you must definitely visit! This i...  -  Natallia Rudman.

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Opinions On Five Shy Meerkats

What people say about Five Shy Meerkats.

Natallia Rudman

If you value really authentic experiences and not commercial ones, you must definitely visit! This is not your ordinary experience when you look at miserable obese animals in enclosures. This is REAL Wild meerkats in their habitat, free and happy. It is one of the most striking tours I've ever been to. It was so precious to see them doing their things in real life at the 3-4 meter distance. And we learnt a lot about their habIts from our guide. Amazing! Strongly recommend!

Natallia Rudman experienced the Wild Meerkat Adventure Tour

Mariana Stefankova

We have spent a lovely morning with the meerkats, appreciated the warm drinks and blankets waiting for us at the departure point. The wait on spot did not seem long at all with all the expert explanation about the meerkats, their habits and habitat and many jokes to forget the chill of the sunrise :) Highly recommended, the entire family will enjoy this unique experience, these meerkats will just melt every heart! Big thanks to the entire team for doing the great work - you guys matter! Thanks!

Mariana Stefankova experienced the Wild Meerkat Adventure Tour

Hazel Fillis

We arrived in Oudtshoorn in the afternoon of 8th January. The sun was shining and it was very hot as we were sitting out on the front deck of our accommodation. However, by the time we made it about a minute's walk away, to a restaurant for our evening meal, the rain had started. There was a great downpour. Coming from Northern Ireland, where rain is frequent and water plentiful, as a result of which our country is described in song as having "40 shades of green," we were somewhat taken aback at the joyful attitude of the locals to the rain! More rain was forecast for the morning so we went to bed, setting our alarm clock for 4.15 a.m., unsure if our Meerkat adventure was going to be rained off. However, we got a text message at 4.17 a.m. to let us know that the tour was still on. Good communication! So, we set off at about 4.45 and found the meeting place with no difficulty. The instructions given by email were excellent and the sign by the road would've been hard to miss. We were given a hot drink and offered the use of the "open air" toilet cubicle before picking up our chair and setting off over the scrubland in search of the meerkats. I'm sure the organisers, in such circumstances, must wonder if any meerkats are going to appear at all and if they're going to be left with a very disappointed group of travellers. The sky was grey and as we sat there for maybe half an hour, we began to feel cold. They handed out blankets, which we were glad of and we waited some more. Eventually, after about three quarters of an hour, one lone "sentry" meerkat poked his/her head out. Then he disappeared. And came back again. A couple of young ones appeared. The most we saw at any one time was 2. I think on a normal, sunny morning they come out in greater numbers but we were happy with what we saw. We appreciate that the organisers (and those of us they take on a tour) are simply observers of creatures behaving naturally. They don't feed them or entice them out in any way. Given that we really thought there was a strong chance of our tour not happening at all we were very happy with the outcome. Of course, we would have loved if it had been better weather and the whole family of meerkats had turned out for us - but we accept that it is not possible to order up the weather we want or make wild creatures behave as we want when we want! The people running the guest house we were staying in asked us if we thought the Meerkat tour was a good thing/worth it/worth getting up early for and we said absolutely, yes. We really enjoyed it.

Hazel Fillis experienced the Wild Meerkat Adventure Tour

Nicola Patterson

Amazing experience with a very knowledgeable and friendly guide. Could not recommend it more

Nicola Patterson  experienced the Wild Meerkat Adventure Tour

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