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More about Deep Boat Dive

Boat Dives take place from Hobie Beach and are guided by Pro Dive professional dive guides. Most of the deep dives are situated outside the Bay and are approximately a 45 minute boat ride from the beach.

The Eastern Cape is unique in that there is an abundance of beautiful soft, colourful corals on all our reefs due to the temperate, nutrient rich waters. The reef structures are also characterised by steep walls, gullies and drop offs making for exciting diving. You are bound to be amazed by the colourful soft coral, a variety of fish including, nudibranchs, shysharks, rays and the well known local resident Ragged Tooth Shark.

Average Temperature: 17 - 18 degrees Celsius Depth : 6m – 40 m Visibility (in meters): 1 – 20m+ Recommended wetsuit: 5mm or 7mm & hoodie Visibility (in meters):2 – 20m+

A dive computer is a requirement for the advanced dives.


Riy Banks

Depth: 15-30m+ Qualification: Advanced An extensive reef system situated 20km from Hobie Beach, the boat trip is often rewarded by penguin, dolphin and whale sightings. Spectacular drop-offs and walls characterise this popular deep site. Due to its location, one is never sure of the conditions and what one might see, however, we often experience excellent visibility making for a magnificent dive. Schools of game fish and a vibrant reef await the adventurous diver.

Gasmic Reef

Depth: 16-28m Qualification: Advanced Gasmic Reef is situated on the wild side and is characterised by a narrow gorge made up of dramatic walls covered in cream tipped Noble corals, soft corals and teeming with fish life. The elusive horse fish is often spotter on this reef. A breath-taking dive!


Depth: 15-30m Qualification: Advanced Thunderbolt reef (also on the wildside) has dramatic topography with huge boulders, deep gullies and drop-offs. Hard and soft corals are abundant and large black & white basket stars are found draped on sea fans, arms outstretched.

What people say

One of m sons and my best dives in the Bay. Viz was 10m+ most of the dive. Nudis, pyjama sharks, mus...  -  Herman Kitshoff.



2 hours 30 minutes


All year round


Pro Dive - Hobie Beach - Port Elizabeth


All trips are weather dependent and conditions will be checked on the morning of your activity, one hour prior to arrival time. Please note that if the weather conditions are not suitable for diving the Charter can be cancelled on the morning of the dive. You would then have the option to re-schedule or obtain a full refund.

What to Wear:

Wetsuit on the boat (the boat is a wet environment) Swimwear

Things to bring:

Diver must bring along scuba diving certification card and/or log book . A diving computer is mandatory for Deep Dives (rental options available) Full Gear (Scuba and Soft Gear), Cylinder ( in the event that you are not renting from us) Swimwear, towel, sunscreen, change of clothes

Guests or Spectators:


Min Age:


Certification Required:

Advanced or Equivalent & qualified to dive to 30m
Inclusions & Exclusions


Dive Guide Use of facilities (showers, lockers, washing up facilities)


Gear Hire Soft Gear (Wetsuit, Mask & Snorkel, Fins, Weightbelt) Scuba Gear (BC, DV & Tank) We do have limited availability of diving computers. Please contact us to confirm availability.

Opinions On Deep Boat Dive

What the locals say about Deep Boat Dive.

Herman Kitshoff

One of m sons and my best dives in the Bay. Viz was 10m+ most of the dive. Nudis, pyjama sharks, musel crackers etc. One nice 2.5m raggy swam right passed me. Johann - and the team - as always, were really great and ever helpful.

Andrew Whitehead


Celeste Booth

Awesome Dive!


The Sardine Run with ProDive was one of the best events in my live, but the very best at water. First, we saw Orcas and then about 100 hunting Dolphins and followed them for hours. We tried to see the Dolphins in the water, but that was not so easy because of the low visibility. Thank you very much Louis it was great Martin

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