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More about Whale & Dolphin Watching

Set off from Richards Bay for a two-hour whale watching excursion. This guaranteed or part of your money back excursion promises whale sightings from the end of May to December off the coastline of Kwazulu Natal. A permit allows the boat to be as close as 50 metres from these gentle giants.

While whale watching expect to encounter Humpbacks who pass this stretch of coast on their annual migratory route, as well as the possibility of shark, flying fish, turtles and various dolphin varieties. Sightings and proximity make this a worthwhile and breathtaking whale watching experience.

What people say

AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!! Our Advantage Tour to see the whales completelly took my breath away. The tea...  -  Malen & Mark.



2 hours


Beginning of June to beginning of December is whale watching season


TUZI GAZI WATERFRONT , 1 Pioneer Road, Richardsbay Small Craft Harbor


This service is weather dependent. If the seas are rough, the trip will be postponed or client will receive full refund. *** WE NEED 3 HOURS OF YOUR TIME PLEASE IF you are IN Richardsbay - IF you are with us, with our bus from St Lucia Town, we need 5 hours of your time -

What to Wear:

comfortable though warm clothing - bring an extra set of dry clothes - make sure your backpack is not too large - FLAT rubber shoes - a RAIN jacket , a small face towels, some tissues and sea sick tablet -

Things to bring:

An extra warm jacket , although we issue life jackets always dress in warm comfortable quick drying clothes , bring along a Drimac rain jacket , towel , bottle of water , packet of biscuits , seasick tablet if need be , rubber / plastic shoes

Guests or Spectators:

There is a variety of restaurants to dine at and it is a warm and friendly town to be enjoyed. !?!?!?!? - PHONE us, or come see us at our offices - 24 hours before the booking, as we do sometimes change our departure times with one hour, if you don't contact us, you won't know about it - please

Min Age:

Inclusions & Exclusions


Boat Cruise Qualified SAMSA skipper and guide Lifejackets rain poncho



Opinions On Whale & Dolphin Watching

What the locals say about Whale & Dolphin Watching.

Malen & Mark

AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!! Our Advantage Tour to see the whales completelly took my breath away. The team was so flexible and accomodating with our travel plans and even a change. On our trip we saw so many whales, a baby and a mother, and even had one breach right in front of our boat. The most interesting part was hearing the whale songs under the boat from two species of whales swimming together. I cannot thank Advantage Tours enough for the experience of a life time! I am completely ruined to any future whale trips, and this one will top them all for sure. Advantage tours will be recommended to my friends and colleagues at work. I look forward to more people going and coming back with awesome stories as well. Thanks again! Malene & Mark

Jeroen Eyckens

Very.good service. Really informative and overall a pleasant experience.

office. Tazme

Amazing experience! We didn't get as wet as we thought and we saw whales as promised.

Shelley Nelson

What an amazing experience. We thoroughly enjoyed it and the crew were great xxx mwah

St. Lucia

The small KwaZulu-Natal coastal town is on the tip of one of the most biodiverse areas in the world.

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