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Kids' Activities

Putt putt, Jolly Roger boat trips, nature activities, ziplining, school group tours, pony rides and more.

How to Enjoy Kids' Activities

Kids’ activities vary on where you are, whether you’re close to the coast for a Jolly Roger boat trip or in the leafy great outdoors for nature activities or ziplining. Kids’ activities cater specifically for their needs, whether it’s size, stimulus or equipment, like kids’ archery or a pony ride.

Kids’ activities will offer them mental as well as physical invigoration, whether they’re on a school group tour meeting animals in a sanctuary or on a game drive. Kids’ activities may also give you a couple of hours off your parental duties, unless the activity requires your supervision.

Ideal for  

Kids, family fun and the young at heart.

Do not expect  

Leaving children unattended without checking whether they require adult supervision.

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