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Shooting Activities

Archery, clay target shooting, paintball.

How to Enjoy Shooting Activities

Whether blasting clay targets out the sky with a shotgun, mastering the ancient art of archery or stealthily pursuing your mates in a game of paintball, shooting activities blend adrenaline, focus and fun. Safety equipment is provided, and all shooting activities are supervised by instructors.

Clay target shooting and archery (in all its bow variations) can be done on your own or in groups. However, nothing gets the heart racing like a ‘life or death’ game of paintball with friends. Opt for fierce or friendly, urban or outdoors. It’s a fantastic stress-reliever either way.

Ideal for  

Would-be fox hunters and soldiers of fortune, and bachelor parties.

Do not expect  

Shotgun shenanigans. Safety comes first at all times.

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