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Safari Activities

Safari, game drives and bush walks to experience wildlife and flora diversity up-close with knowledgeable guides.

How to Enjoy Safari Activities

Safari activities are a memorable experience that will bring you into close contact with wildlife that you’ve only seen in documentaries. With the help of knowledgeable guides, you will get a first-hand understanding of the park’s inhabitants and biodiversity during your safari activity.

For the daring walkers seeking a thrilling safari activity, why not try a bush walk? This safari activity is a gripping one where you encounter everything from the tiniest critters to the largest beasts. Bring your camera with you to your safari activity, otherwise nobody will believe what you’ve seen!

Ideal for  

Newlyweds, nature lovers, fearless foot soldiers and amateur documentarians.

Do not expect  

To see all the animals in the park, as in a zoo, or to touch the animals.

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