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Wind Sports

Kitesurfing, sailing and other exhilarating wind sports to get you cruising with the wind.

How to Enjoy Wind Sports

Wind sports are riveting activities that harness the power of nature - the higher the wind speed the faster and more exhilarating the activity. Most wind sports are easier to learn than they look, are suitable for families and take place in magnificent settings for an unforgettable day outside. Sailing is an exciting experience that lets you sail through scenic landscapes, while taking in the fresh sea air as it powers you along a truly sensory adventure. Those who want an even more action-packed trip can try a thrilling kitesurfing adventure, as you surf waves and kick up some ocean spray.

Ideal for  

Extreme sports junkies and those who enjoy activities like kitesurfing.

Do not expect  

To do these activities in windless conditions, or a gentle-paced experience.

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