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Lion Experience

Be mesmerised during this lion experience with a close encounter with the king of the jungle.

How to Enjoy Lion Experience

Feel the powerful presence of this revered beast by going on a lion experience. On arrival at the lion park, a qualified guide and handler will welcome you and give you an educational introduction to these boisterous animals. Following that, the exhilarating lion experience begins.

Whether you walk or drive, enjoy the magic of this close-up experience with lions; listen to their thunderous roar, and cherish the savannah with its wide range of wildlife. Don’t forget the furry bundles of joy that are the lion cubs. The lion experience makes for memorable moments and pictures!

Ideal for  

Cat people, travellers and animal lovers who want wildlife experience with a twist.

Do not expect  

To be cool as a cucumber; the reality of walking with a lion is gripping.

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