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City Skate Tours

Skateboarding or Graffiti tour experience in Johannesburg

How to Enjoy City Skate Tours

Street culture and cities are more connected than we realize - that's why skateboarding and graffiti are always found in urban & city spaces!

Considering all the negativity you normally hear about Johannesburg and why not to come, we want to offer you a fun, exciting and informative way to engage with this amazing city!

Looking at the city through a skateboarding and graffiti perspective allows you to see the city as an urban playground where it's most interesting characters come to play, have fun and create a story of the city we can all enjoy!

By offering skateboarding, graffiti and walking tours, we show you the cooler side to the city while also explaining why Johannesburg is the way it is today!

From its start as a basic mining town in 1886 to the mix of "mini-cities in one city" it is today...the story and growth of Joburg is absolutely fascinating!

We love Skateboarding, We love Graffiti, We love Street Culture,

We LOVE Joburg!

What people say

We were, as so many travellers to SA, a bit hesitant to visit Joburg but we really loved it. We spen...  -  Marc Veckeneer.

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Best Things to Do at City Skate Tours

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Opinions On City Skate Tours

What people say about City Skate Tours.

Marc Veckeneer

We were, as so many travellers to SA, a bit hesitant to visit Joburg but we really loved it. We spent 4 days in a vibrant city that has so much to offer. Our Mahoning tour certainly a highlight, nice ambiance on Sunday afternoon, great guide, smashing street art, absolute must do/see.

Marc Veckeneer experienced the Maboneng Skate Tour

Bianca Braun

We had an exceptional experience with City Skate Tours, thanks to Ayanda. His in-depth knowledge of Johannesburg's areas, street art, graffiti, and history was truly impressive. Ayanda was not just a great host but also exuded fantastic energy throughout our day together. Having him exclusively to ourselves was a stroke of luck. We felt completely safe exploring the streets with him and had an overall fantastic experience. We are definitely planning to return and bring along some friends. This tour would make a wonderful gift for art enthusiasts. As someone who grew up in Johannesburg but hasn't lived here for many years, it was truly refreshing to see the city in a positive light and to be shown the myriad aspects worth appreciating upon returning.

Bianca Braun experienced the Johannesburg Graffiti & Street

Afsana Khan

This walking tour was our first brave venture on to the streets of Jozi after being constantly warned about the city. The tour gave us a completely new perspective of this beautifully complex city and if I was to recommend one activity for Joberg it would be this. Ayanda was a joy to talk to and super knowledgeable about the city's history and culture.

Afsana Khan experienced the Johannesburg Graffiti & Street

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