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4x4 Adventure

The journey is the destination with a 4x4 adventure through nature’s most rugged terrain.

How to Enjoy 4x4 Adventure

Experience vistas, animals, flowers and natural wonders rarely seen by most in a 4x4 adventure. An experienced driver guide will manoeuvre through undulating terrain, thick bush and streambeds to take you on a spectacular 4x4 adventure through unspoiled landscapes inaccessible without a tough 4x4.

Most 4x4 adventures take the whole day, with meals incorporated into the tour. There are also numerous opportunities to stop for photographs, and forays on foot to breathtaking view points. Keep your camera and binoculars handy, as you’re bound to see plenty birds and animals. Other tourists? Not so much.

Ideal for  

Birdwatchers with long lenses, the ultra-intrepid, beaten-trackophobes.

Do not expect  

To take the wheel willy-nilly, 4x4 adventures require very specialised driving techniques.

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