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Durban Green Corridor

Mountain biking, canoeing, hiking, birdwatching and more in uMgeni, eNanda and iSithumba, KwaZulu-Natal.

How to Enjoy Durban Green Corridor

Durban Green Corridor is best known for fun outdoor leisure activities focussing on authentic eco-tourism in uMgeni and surrounds. They’re specialists in providing information and reservations, whether you’re interested in going hiking, canoeing, mountain biking or having a cultural experience.

An initiative by the eThekwini Municipality and the Duzi uMgeni Conservation Trust, Durban Green Corridor focuses on job creation, social empowerment, eco-tourism, nature conservation and environmental education. The support received goes back to the community and the environment.

What people say

Hi, Didn't go for the Canoe it was raining the day I had booked it for and from what I read from ...  -  Nosisa Phoswa.

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Opinions On Durban Green Corridor

What people say about Durban Green Corridor.

Nosisa Phoswa

Hi, Didn't go for the Canoe it was raining the day I had booked it for and from what I read from the T&C they were supposed to call me to reschedule for another day but no one did. Customer service wise I'm disappointed and would never consider buying this groupon again.

Nosisa Phoswa experienced the uMgeni Canoeing Own Boat

Lynette Dauth

This was much fun, even though it was low tide and very windy...but was suppose to get a light lunch and a beverage too. Then when Ive ordered it they told me there is no lunch as she did not know about the booking, This was booked months in advance. But eventually the lady was kind enough to compramise and compensate for the misunderstanding and we got a sandwich and a beverage...

Lynette Dauth experienced the uMgeni Canoeing Own Boat

Robyn Noble-Ashby

A fun outing for the family but sadly the surroundings on the day were in a shocking state with very drunk people obstructing our way and lots of broken glass in the parking area from obviously a large gathering the evening before. Certainly not a safe place for young children. The café also ran out of muffins and only provided drinks. An offer of a slight refund or credit for the outstanding items would have been appreciated. On the way out, a drunk person tried to snatch my father's drink from his hand. Sadly, not somewhere we'll visit again until the safety/security/hygiene issues are sorted out. Very sad, as it has so much potential and overseas visitors would certainly enjoy the scenery.

Robyn Noble-Ashby experienced the uMgeni Canoeing Own Boat

Lynette Dauth

It was a very bad experience for me...I came all the way from Cape Town to see that. I was never told its a self drive tour when I booked it. And I have asked about it, the lady told me they take one to the caves. So I paid R200 with Uber to get there just to hear that there is no vehicle or guide that can take me there. Eventually the guide were there, but no transport and as I was just a tourist wanting to see the caves...I ddnt have a car with me....So I paid for the Groupon voucher to go the caves and paid Uber to get there to the Umgeni River Park as thats where they told me to meet them...But I NEVER saw it...I am VERY dissapointed and have waisted alot of money to go there and not get my experience...

Lynette Dauth experienced the eNanda Cultural Tour

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