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Durban Green Corridor

Mountain biking, canoeing, hiking, birdwatching and more in uMgeni, eNanda and iSithumba, KwaZulu-Natal.

How to Enjoy Durban Green Corridor

Durban Green Corridor is best known for fun outdoor leisure activities focussing on authentic eco-tourism in uMgeni and surrounds. They’re specialists in providing information and reservations, whether you’re interested in going hiking, canoeing, mountain biking or having a cultural experience.

An initiative by the eThekwini Municipality and the Duzi uMgeni Conservation Trust, Durban Green Corridor focuses on job creation, social empowerment, eco-tourism, nature conservation and environmental education. The support received goes back to the community and the environment.

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Amazing service from all the staff involved ...  -  Zola.

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Amazing service from all the staff involved

Zola experienced the eNanda Canoeing Guided

Lynette Dauth

It was a very bad experience for me...I came all the way from Cape Town to see that. I was never told its a self drive tour when I booked it. And I have asked about it, the lady told me they take one to the caves. So I paid R200 with Uber to get there just to hear that there is no vehicle or guide that can take me there. Eventually the guide were there, but no transport and as I was just a tourist wanting to see the caves...I ddnt have a car with me....So I paid for the Groupon voucher to go the caves and paid Uber to get there to the Umgeni River Park as thats where they told me to meet them...But I NEVER saw it...I am VERY dissapointed and have waisted alot of money to go there and not get my experience...

Lynette Dauth experienced the eNanda Cultural Tour


Hi there, I was dealing with Jenny via email and it was going great, I really enjoyed her email presence. Until the day of our booking when everything went terribly wrong. I emailed Jenny to let her know but she just didn't get back to me after that. It was drizzling every so slightly on the day and we weren't sure if the booking would still go on, so we tried to call and there was no answer, we called every one of your numbers on the website as well as emailed..we spent the entire morning doing this but there was so answer. We managed to get through to one african gentleman who had no idea if whether the tour would continue or not. Below are the emails I sent Jenny(keeping in mind that I sent it at the time with a slightly hot head after having gone through all this.) Like I said, I recieved no reply from her. And we still have not done the tour yet :( "We ended up driving all the way there. An hour and a half drive. And we were told it wasn't safe to do the walk. It was only slightly drizzling. My husband was so upset. We tried calling every number you guys have, even cell numbers. They either didn't work or just kept ringing. This is so unprofessional guys! ! I have family coming from overseas this Dec and we really wanted to book a whole lot of stuff with you guys. So disappointed as I purchased this for hubbys bday. If it was slippery and unsafe then you guys should've made some sort of plan to get hold of your clients to notify us that we cannot do the walk. I can't understand how you let people drive all the way there and only let them know when they arrive. We had to drive all the way to Umdloti beforehand in order to drop our baby off with my mother to babysit. Then drive all the way to your facility, only to be told we couldn't participate, and then had to drive all the way back to umdloti, then back to our home in Gillitts. We were on the road the entire day and accomplished nothing, only spent a fortune on petrol! I'm usually very nice and don't normally complain, but this is ridiculous. We also run a business and are fully aware of what it takes to liaise with clients and how to handle situations professionally, and we're just appalled at how this was dealt with. I can only hope that this was an isolated case, and we were just the unfortunate ones who had to be put through this.

natalie experienced the eNanda Cultural Tour


Our hiking club again really enjoyed our enada hiking experience. As promised our guide and car guard met us at Umzinyathi Falls at the prearranged time. Our guide was knowlegeable and shared local information with all our hikers. At the rasta caves we enjoyed an interesting talk from a senior rasta, mostly on captivating spritual issues. Clearly this meeting was also was prearranged. As always the hike to the base of the waterfall was rugged although the path was clear. From there the path a little overgrown as we trundled the cirular route back to the cliff tops. After the views we drove to Inanda dam Adventure centre, to enjoy these vistas where some refrehments would have been welcome. All the hikers enjoyed the hike and the only real negative was the piles of litter and rubbish at the waterfall which whould be a huge tourist attraction. All enjoyed the company of our guide. We might conisder a new hike from Inanda advenure centre 4km along the foreshore of the dam and then return along the mountain bike trail to show hikers just why we have water restrictions. All conidered that was a great day out hiking.

David experienced the eNanda Cultural Tour

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