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During birdwatching, you can spot unique birdlife in their natural habitat and special sanctuaries.

How to Enjoy Birdwatching

The most colourful wildlife activity, birdwatching is fun and educational for those who enjoy the tranquility of nature and want to grab the chance to observe a multitude of bird species. On arrival at the birdwatching site, a skilled guide will brief you on the species you may encounter.

Set off on your birdwatching expedition, with binoculars strung around your neck. The knowledgeable guide will lead you in finding and observing any endemic, resident and rare species you may spot while birdwatching. Patience is a virtue in the field, and you will be duly rewarded.

Ideal for  

Budding ornithologists, amateur photographers and conservation enthusiasts.

Do not expect  

To be constrained by harsh conditions, as the activity is not weather dependent.

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