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Kaskazi Kayaks

The mission is to ensure the continued development of sea kayaking as a fun filled, safe recreational activity for people of all ages and all fitness levels.

How to Enjoy Kaskazi Kayaks

The kayaks are handcrafted using a variety of composites including glass fiber, carbon fiber and kevlar bonded with polyester or epoxy resins. We are a relatively low volume manufacturer and therefore are able to be very responsive to customer feedback and requirements. Almost every kayak we build is customized to order. Our commitment to quality is evidenced by our guaranteed buyback policy and unconditional warranty on our kayaks.

What people say

Really fun, friendly guides, great equipment. Would definitely to again. ...  -  Timmy Ramlugaan.

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Opinions On Kaskazi Kayaks

What people say about Kaskazi Kayaks.

Timmy Ramlugaan

Really fun, friendly guides, great equipment. Would definitely to again.

Timmy Ramlugaan experienced the Special Kaskazi Kayak Trip

Tina Naert

We are sooooo happy we booked the Kaskazi Kayak Trip, especially during golden hour/sunset. The view from a kayak on Cape Town in the golden light is truly the most beautiful. We even saw a lot of dolphins! Super cool. Also the guides were very nice. If you're still in doubt if you should book this: DO IT! You won't regret it. We're even giving it as a gift to friends who are visiting Cape Town soon.

Tina Naert experienced the Special Kaskazi Kayak Trip

Wicus Grove

One of our best experiences in Cape Town. Would highly recommend the adventure. Staff assisting was really amazing, making sure we were safe and enjoyed to experience. And don't forget the sunscreen.

Wicus Grove experienced the Special Kaskazi Kayak Trip

Charles Williams

Thank You. It was an enjoyable experience .I look forward to doing it again

Charles Williams experienced the Special Kaskazi Kayak Trip

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