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Sea Kayaking

A great upper body workout, sea kayaking is also an adventurous way to experience the ocean.

How to Enjoy Sea Kayaking

Sea kayaking gets you as close to the ocean as you can get without (necessarily) getting wet. On your own or in pairs, sea kayaking is fun and exhilarating – but easy enough for anybody to get paddling right away. Explore the ocean, rivers, harbours, caves and estuaries as you glide through them.

The sensation of moving through the water is as appealing as the unique vantage point you get when sea kayaking. Kayaking tours can take you on circuitous routes along rivers and coastline alike, and often incorporate stops for cliff jumping, swimming and great photo opportunities.

Ideal for  

Fitness fanatics, Zen explorers, adventurers with amphibious inclinations.

Do not expect  

White-water rapids, sea kayaking is more about the scenery than the speed.

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