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Kevin Richardson Foundation

The Kevin Richardson Wildlife Sanctuary’s mission is to provide a self-sustaining African carnivore sanctuary for the purposes of wild species preservation.

How to Enjoy Kevin Richardson Foundation

The Kevin Richardson Wildlife Sanctuary transforms the way humans think, interact and behave towards the keeping of large carnivores. The sanctuary’s ultimate goal is to minimise the number of large carnivores being kept in captivity and to highlight the direct link between the cub-petting industry and the ‘canned’ hunting industry, by educating the unsuspecting public to the horrors associated with this unscrupulous practice. Ultimately we would like to see both practices outlawed. The sanctuary aims to maximise efforts towards keeping carnivores in their natural habitats and is currently home not only to lion, but spotted hyena, striped hyena and black leopard.

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It was an amazing experience! The staff was very well trained, friendly and you could sense their pa...  -  Lynette van Wyk.

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What people say about Kevin Richardson Foundation.

Lynette van Wyk

It was an amazing experience! The staff was very well trained, friendly and you could sense their passion for the animals. Thank you for giving these animals a second chance and also help us learn more about them! We were late and appreciate that you waited for us at the entrance. We didn't however receive a code for the gate to be able to enter, and was very worried that we wouldn't be able to get in on time. It would have been helpfull if there had been a contact number or way of contacting you to open the gate for us. Luckily one of the Jeep's were on their way out, so they opened for us to get in.

Lynette van Wyk experienced the Guided Walking Sanctuary tour

Amanda Haggerty

FANTASTIC day out special memories made! Such an amazing experience to be so close to such magnificent animals and hear their stories from their VERY patient care takers. Should be on everyone's bucket list to visit this Sanctuary at least once. Think they all need a comfy bed and blanket in their little houses though.

Amanda Haggerty experienced the Guided Walking Sanctuary tour

Kaizad Gandhi

The entire experience was surreal for our guests who visited the sanctuary. For many it was their first time in the African continent and also the first time they understood some facts about the canned hunting and cub petting industry, the ill-effects and much more. Importantly the local south african riders who joined us were happy to hear about the kind of work the sanctuary and the foundation has been doing and would like to support the foundation is future projects.

Kaizad Gandhi experienced the Guided Walking Sanctuary tour

Manjana Vollmer

We were half an hour delayed. But George was very patient and showed us everything. It was great to see the lions, hyenas and leopards (we follow on YouTube) in real live. An amazing experience. We highly recommend the sanctuary tour.

Manjana Vollmer experienced the Guided Sanctuary Tour with veh

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