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Kgabo Safaris

Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all

How to Enjoy Kgabo Safaris

Bernard Marobe CEO Bernard Marobe is a founder of Kgabo Safaris and previous owner of Mankwe safaris. He has been working in Pilanesberg national park for more than 30years with a world of experience in Tourism

What people say

Awesome game drive. Managed to see Lion, Leopard, Rhino, Elephant (4 of the big 5). ...  -  Hendry.

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Opinions On Kgabo Safaris

What people say about Kgabo Safaris.


Awesome game drive. Managed to see Lion, Leopard, Rhino, Elephant (4 of the big 5).

Hendry experienced the Afternoon/Evening Game Drive


Had a very good game drive . Knowledge guide , friendly staff . Pity about the shocking roads in Pilansberg. That puts a damper on the drive . But otherwise happy thank you .

Heath experienced the Morning Game Drive

Charles van Wyk

We have a great outride and had a very friendly staff - Did not see to much but was a great evening - Thanks so much

Charles van Wyk experienced the Night Safari

Johan Esterhuizen (Rhino Lodge)

Our guest's informed us that they thought Lizzy was very inexperienced and more interested in talking to the person sitting next to her than guiding and communicating to them. She always stopped so she could see the animals and didn't seem to care that everyone behind her couldn't. They did not enjoy their drive with Lizzy.

Johan Esterhuizen (Rhino Lodge) experienced the Mid morning Game Drive

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