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Food Experience

A culinary adventure experiencing foods from award-winning restaurants or rare local delicacies.

How to Enjoy Food Experience

A food experience will whet any foodie’s appetite, from tasting world-class cuisine or unusual mouthwatering delights at awarding-winning restaurants, to trying rarer traditional local delicacies like croc, cricket or blowfish. Where you are will affect just how you tempt your palate.

A food experience will give you an insight into the gastronomic skills of your destination, whether you’re in an elegant restaurant or an exotic food market, expect typical spices and flavours to complement your journey. A food experience offers well-informed options for culinary curiosities.

Ideal for  

Foodies, culinary explorers and aspiring chefs.

Do not expect  

Dietary restrictions to be accommodated without informing the operator beforehand.

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