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Salted Surf School

We have the best coaches around. Each of our coaches is a consummate surfing pro, able to coach any level from beginner to advanced. We offer personalized coaching, safe wetsuits, and superior customer service.

How to Enjoy Salted Surf School

Learn to surf like a pro in Jeffrey Bay’s paradise! We get it. You’re excited about your adventure in Jeffreys Bay, and you want to ride waves, but maybe you’re just a little nervous about surfing or even just getting up on your board and standing up.

Well, not to worry! Our surf lessons will show you everything you need to know to build your skills and confidence so that before long, every wave is an opportunity to have fun and improve your surfing techniques.

We have a variety of above-the-salt surf lessons ranging from beginner to advanced, so whether you have never been on a surfboard or you are about to become a pro surfer, our friendly professional instructors will get you out in the waves faster than you ever imagined possible.

What people say

Hello, We, a family of 2 adults and 2 teens, had a fantastic surfing experience! The lesson was cle...  -  John van Heeswijk.

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Opinions On Salted Surf School

What people say about Salted Surf School.

John van Heeswijk

Hello, We, a family of 2 adults and 2 teens, had a fantastic surfing experience! The lesson was clear and also the personal guidence was very good. The people are very friendly and helpful. We recommend this activity to everyone! Truely a great experience!

John van Heeswijk experienced the Group Beginner Lesson

Ana-Alicia Eyre

Great experience - informative brief, friendly instructor and we all had lots of fun.

Ana-Alicia Eyre experienced the Group Beginner Lesson

Laura Weers

It was our first surf class ever! Lots of fun and we had a great teacher ? all of us were able to stand on the board - I didn't think that was possible. Would def recommend!!

Laura Weers experienced the Group Beginner Lesson

Louis becuwe

we loved learning to surf with my son. the teacher was patient with us and allowed us to have a lot of fun. thanks!

Louis becuwe experienced the Group Beginner Lesson

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