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A surface water activity, which entails maintaining balance on a board while wave riding.

How to Enjoy Surfing

Surfing is all about equilibrium, no matter what board you are using – long, short, body or stand-up paddle board. Waves aren’t only ocean based, you can surf standing waves in rivers or enjoy man-made wave pools. In colder waters or climes, surfing is best enjoyed wearing a wetsuit.

Important parts of surfing are warming up and balance in order to stay upright, not to mention reading waves and moving quickly to catch the next break. If you’re learning you’ll be catching the foam heading shoreward. With loads of practice you’ll be ready to head out and ride tubes.

Ideal for  

Watersporty types, beach bums and modern-day yogis.

Do not expect  

Catching ocean waves in low tide. Tide tables are posted on most beaches.

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