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Shark Explorers offers customised shark diving expeditions which take you directly to the sharks of Southern Africa.

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Southern Africa is a shark hotspot with one of the most biodiverse shark faunas in the world.

Shark Explorers we offer customized, predator-based, expeditions that will take you directly to some of the most exciting dive locations in South Africa and across the world. We will make sure you are in the right place at the right time for the best chance of diving with your shark of choice.

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It was a great experience to spend this day with the Shark Explorers Team. We have only good memori...  -  ALINE LIMA +55 11 98905-7477 LEONARDO LIMA + 55 97434-2092.

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ALINE LIMA +55 11 98905-7477 LEONARDO LIMA + 55 97434-2092

It was a great experience to spend this day with the Shark Explorers Team. We have only good memories from all, and also to help us with the arragements and also at the boat etc. We believe that we took the best choice on going on this experience. The only two sad things is that we forgot my blue hat at the day, and also we did not see the white shark, however it was really really great.. we loved it, we already want to do it again. Best Regards, Aline and Leonardo.

ALINE LIMA +55 11 98905-7477 LEONARDO LIMA + 55 97434-2092 experienced the White Shark Cage Diving

Santiago Alonso

Great Service, bad luck.

Santiago Alonso experienced the White Shark Cage Diving

Ronan Felix

Fantastic experience! Well explained and well guided tour. Being in the cage with my 3 sons and seeing Great White Shark up close and personal is something that will linger for quite a while.

Ronan Felix experienced the White Shark Cage Diving

Plutenko Yury

Good day and thank you very much, dear Shark Explorers! The Shark Explorers team is excellent! All of them are extremely friendly to their passengers - wild nature admirers and they really do their best efforts to demonstrate Great White Sharks. I highly recommend to all to join Shark Explorers early morning Shark Breaching and Shark Cage Diving trips. I participated in 3 such trips and enjoyed a lot each time in July 2018. I want to thank you again. Everything was amazing and wonderful. Perhaps, I'll return to Simon's Town again to shake hands with all of you! Good bye! From Russia With Love! Yury Plutenko August 6, 2018

Plutenko Yury experienced the White Shark Cage Diving

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