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Shark Cage Diving

When shark cage diving expect to get in a wet suit, dive in a cage and come face to face with majestic great white sharks.

How to Enjoy Shark Cage Diving

On arrival for a shark cage diving experience, you’ll put on a life jacket, board and sail to the encounter location. Sailing there is a great opportunity to look out for other marine life like seals or dolphins. Once there, you can see sharks feeding from the deck before your own shark cage diving encounter.

With wet suit you’ll be submerged (and be able to hold your head above water) in the cage for the shark cage dive. Expect the exhilarating feeling of being able to view the sharks feeding up close in their natural habitat. You’ll return to the launch location, get warm and dry and return to base.

Ideal for  

Future marine biologists, lovers of marine life, curious adventure junkies.

Do not expect  

A jostle-free encounter, sharks may collide with the cage, use inner handrails to hold on.

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