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Air Activities

Balloon flights, helicopter flights, skydiving, microlight flights, paragliding, fixed-wing flights and parasailing.

How to Enjoy Air Activities

Get an aerial view of wherever you are with any of these air activities; float off on a romantic balloon trip, an exhilarating helicopter flight, a wild skydiving jump or breezy microlight flight. There’s a vast range of air activities, aircraft and breathtaking views to take in.

Air activities on offer are the most suited to their landscape. Fixed-wing flights require a runway take off, and parasailing is a water-based activity, while paragliding is best higher up to get off the ground. All air activities give you an entirely new perspective of landmarks, nature or wildlife.

Ideal for  

Romantics, aerial enthusiasts and adrenaline junkies.

Do not expect  

Flying in bad weather - bear this in mind if you’re planning something special.

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