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Sensual spa treatments to reinvigorate tired adventurers and provide a sanctuary from city life.

How to Enjoy Spa

Spa treatments work wonders for the mind and body and will uplift the spirit of even the most defeated explorer. Offering a safe haven from the hustle and bustle of city life, spa trips are a welcome addition to any trip – even if it’s just for a rest between bungee jumping and abseiling trips.

Expect a relaxing and quiet session where your worries can melt away and your mind can unwind. Let qualified spa therapists kneed those tired muscles with a rejuvenating back massage or maybe get those rock climbing hands manicured before your dinner date. There’s a treatment for every traveller.

Ideal for  

Tired travellers, aching hikers and spouses seeking refuge from activities.

Do not expect  

To be ready for high-energy activities afterwards; some treatments leave you spaced out.

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