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Ocean Adventure

Boat trips, shark cage diving, sailing, sea kayaking, whale watching, marine safaris and scuba diving.

How to Enjoy Ocean Adventure

Ocean adventures, such as harbor or sunset boat trips, on sailing boats or catamarans, can be found for all occasions. Sail pirate ships, schooners, racing yachts, single hulls or catamarans, whichever floats your boat. Embark on a sea kayaking ocean adventure and meet dolphins or seals in their habitat.

Whether shark cage diving to meet a great white or the getting the exhilarating feeling when a southern right or humpback approaches, whale watching is priceless. From visiting penguin or seal colonies to scuba diving with sevengill sharks, an ocean adventure is worth its weight in salt.

Ideal for  

Marine lovers, nature enthusiasts and budding marine biologists.

Do not expect  

Embarking on the boat without taking your tablets if you suffer from seasickness.

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