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The picturesque and rural gem that is Montagu is famous for its hot springs, scenic mountains and fertile farmland.

How to Enjoy Montagu

A wide range of mostly outdoor activities which appeal to people both young and old can be found in Montagu. In particular, the mountains surrounding it, known for rock climbing and hiking, are said to be the best in South Africa. Montagu’s various trails suit both experts and those new to the sport.

Montagu is also famous for its natural hot mineral springs, which keep pulling in visitors throughout the year, thanks to their reputed health-boosting abilities. There’s also a game reserve close by, offering a variety of game drives, and its Cheetah programme is a not-to-be-missed wildlife experience.

Ideal for  

Hiking, game drives and wildlife experiences.

Do not expect  

Departing on a safe hiking trip without looking at weather forecasts beforehand.

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