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For cycling trips expect to don a helmet, get on your bicycle and take in the spectacular scenery.

How to Enjoy Cycling

Cycling is an excellent way to explore a place while keeping fit and getting the adrenaline pumping. You needn’t be a Tour de France contender to enjoy cycling: simply put on comfortable bicycle shorts and a helmet and channel your inner cycling champion as you take in the fresh outdoor air.

Embrace the freedom that only cycling can give you as you traverse the bends, push yourself up steep inclines and soar downhill as the wind rushes past your face. But don’t worry, your guide will also dispense advice along the way and make sure you don’t end up cycling off the (wrong) beaten track.

Ideal for  

Lycra-loving trailblazers, adrenaline junkies and those bored with gym bikes.

Do not expect  

Clear cycling lanes, good roads, comfortable saddles or an even tan.

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