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Tri Eco Travel and Tours

Eco tours Around Durban Outdoor activities. Canoeing , Hiking, Nature walks, Cycling and picnics.

How to Enjoy Tri Eco Travel and Tours

Responsive Tri-eco Tours & experiences is an eco company Durban based offering strong community upliftment focus, City cycle, Canoeing, Nature Walks, Bicycle lessons, Urban walk and semi-rural experiences, etc. For more information. Email

Passion Tri-eco Tours & experiences have only guides that are passionate at the uplifting community, teaching, and riding of bicycles. Our trip guides are local and specialists, bicycle, nature, adventure, cultural, history, heritage, and eco-travel, who are committed to bringing you closer to our communities.

Community Tri-eco Tours & experiences have identified cycling as a skill that leads to a healthy lifestyle with respect to the environment and other people. Our community will benefit through bicycle tours, township tours, etc... Which later improves the quality of life for people without bicycle experience, educating the community, fostering self-sufficiency, Tourist Attraction, Job creation, and awareness in a healthy lifestyle.

Design Tri-eco Tours & experiences- Believes that through bicycle lessons, as eco-tours we play a role in building peace, love and a violence-free society. One can cycle from the township to the city therefore together we build a Green City.

What people say

Thank you for the opportunity to comment, Firstly the bike seats are really not comfortable for a lo...  -  Anand Pillay.

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Anand Pillay

Thank you for the opportunity to comment, Firstly the bike seats are really not comfortable for a long ride as a result caused lots of discomfort and pain. The gears were selecting but jamming at times and the steering was very tight when turning, make the ride very unstable resulting in a very unpleasant ride. It was my family's initiative to do the ride every Sunday but due to the uncomfortable first experience have now changed our mind. The staff is very friendly and accommodating, the shop is very neat and clean and organized. If more attention is placed on equipment upkeep and maintenance, I am sure the door to driving more customers will be achievable. There were few bikes that were not ready to be used as a result of repairs which limited the range of hire. Another thought for the day, offer branded water as a compliment when hiring bikes and also offer promos after 5 or 10 hires you get 1 hire free, family ride packs at discounted rates, monthly ride challenge, etc. Give customers a sense of security by sanitizing the bike in their presence which makes them feel safe and builds trust in your brand or business. I hope my input will add some value to your business.

Anand Pillay experienced the Bike Hire - 1 Hour

Merl Muthu

Quick and fast

Merl Muthu experienced the Bike Hire - 1 Hour


Thank you so much to the welcoming staff our guides were so attentive to details from the induction till the entire activity they made sure that we are calm since it was our first experience canoeing and we definitely will c u again guys. Thanks Makhosi

Makhosazana experienced the Guided Canoeing

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