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Untouched Adventures

Guided ocean and river adventures and activities in Tsitsikamma National Park on the Garden Route.

How to Enjoy Untouched Adventures

Untouched Adventures takes you to some of the most spectacular scenery South Africa has to offer where the awe-inspiring Storms River meets the ocean, near Knysna on the Garden Route. We specialise in all sorts of water adventures including kayak, lilo, stand-up paddle board, scuba and snorkel.

The activities Untouched Adventures and their highly experienced guides offer are all a little out of the ordinary and take you to places that still feel mostly undiscovered, unspoilt and wild.

What people say

We had an absolutely amazing experience, I was blown away! Thank you so so very much, your tourguide...  -  Marieke Brauer.

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Opinions On Untouched Adventures

What people say about Untouched Adventures.

Marieke Brauer

We had an absolutely amazing experience, I was blown away! Thank you so so very much, your tourguides were professional, patient and knowledgeable. We opted to jump off one of the rocks, which was exhilirating! I had brought my own wet shoes, so opted not to rent wet shoes from them, but I found that the grip of their shoes were far superior to mine on the parts where one needs to climb over wet rocks, so definitely would recommend that people rather rent the shoes from them, in addition to the wetsuits. Cannot wait to do this again!!!

Marieke Brauer experienced the Storms River Kayak & Lilo

O.N. Mncono

Classified as our best experience for that week! We did a garden route road trip with a friend I hadn't seen in 9yrs because he's from SWD. Viewing the pics excitement consumes me. Reagan & Lincon who were our guides were undoubtedly the best! Thank you untouched adventures this was the highlight for 2021

O.N. Mncono experienced the Storms River Kayak & Lilo

Mahlatse Tshehla

Awesome experience. Definitely gonna go back.

Mahlatse Tshehla  experienced the Storms River Kayak & Lilo

Jeremy Jobling

We had a wonderful time! Thanks to COVID we had a private tour all to ourselves which made the experience even more special. Thank you UA for the perfect experience & Stan and Franco for making it just right for us!

Jeremy Jobling experienced the Storms River Kayak & Lilo

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