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Get paddling and fight your way through the river rapids, ocean waves or take it easier on a lake.

How to Enjoy Kayaking

Kayaking is a gripping way to get your blood pumping and your arm muscles working while taking in the natural beauty around you. It can be enjoyed on rivers, lakes or the ocean. River guided excursions usually last about half a day while wedged into the kayak as you navigate with your two-bladed paddle. Helmeted and armed with paddle you’ll begin the journey meandering along with the current, but soon you’ll have to fight those same currents to get you through swift rapids which can range from tricky to brutal. You should emerge soaked, feeling alive and exhilarated.

Ideal for  

Those with an adventurous spirit and two functioning arms, it’s all about rotation.

Do not expect  

The same conditions every time, there’s a difference when kayaking lakes and rapids.

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