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Viljoensdrift nestled south of the Elandsberg Mountains, on the banks the Breede River, the lifeblood of the Robertson Wine Valley.

How to Enjoy Viljoensdrift

Today brothers Fred and Manie Viljoen continue this proud tradition and, after humble beginnings in 1998, they are producing award-winning wines with global appeal.

Viljoensdrift’s success can be attributed to their pioneering spirit, the quality of teamwork from vineyard to cellar and their deep-rooted commitment to working in harmony with nature. Five generations of Viljoens have lovingly toiled the fertile deep alluvial, calciferous-rich soils fed by the life-giving Breede River which allow the vineyards to flourish. The terror lends itself exceptionally well to the growing of noble varietals such as Shiraz, Pinotage and Chardonnay.

Wine tourists can expect much more from Viljoensdrift than just a taste of their distinctive wines. A visit to this peaceful haven, a mere 90 minutes from Cape Town, also promises an inspirational riverside experience including a relaxing boat trip on the tranquil waters of the Breede River, a taste adventure from the deli and a gourmet picnic on the banks of the river

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The boat experience was very great and enjoyable. We shall had very good weather. The shop assist...  -  HEINRICH JEMANE.

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The boat experience was very great and enjoyable. We shall had very good weather. The shop assistance was disappointing. We knocked and shouted "Hello" several times. We eventually had to go behind them counter to the back to see that 4 staff members were in hearing distance of us, but just chatting together ignoring the customers. We would think, if there was good communication in the business, the shop staff should be aware of a group coming to the boat trip and available at front of shop.

HEINRICH JEMANE experienced the River Cruise

Annerene Laing

It was a very pleasant experience. The driver of the boat told us interesting things about the surroundings and the environment. The booking went smoothly. Would recommend it to other people. Thank you

Annerene Laing experienced the River Cruise

Cathie Page

This was a wonderful family outing. Enjoyed lunch and a wine tasting on the river bank with my husband and daughter. Followed by the cruise with them and our grandchildren. Fantastic relaxing afternoon

Cathie Page experienced the River Cruise

Sinead Stewart

The cruise was lovely and the food and drinks available to purchase at the farm stall was delicious and affordable.

Sinead Stewart experienced the River Cruise

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