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Scenic Durban has renowned surfing spots, cycling trails, boat trips and extraordinary sightseeing.

How to Enjoy Durban

Durban is a coastal paradise with plenty of exciting adventures to satisfy every traveller’s need. With its pristine beaches, balmy weather, bustling city centre and natural beauty as far as the eye can see, Durban offers the perfect mix of cosmopolitan living and outdoor lifestyle.

While in Durban, expect to visit their golden beaches, where you can surf the world-famous waves, go snorkelling or maybe even try stand up paddling for something different. Land explorers will also find that Durban offers exciting cycling trails and famed game drives at nearby wildlife reserves.

Ideal for  

Stand up paddling, cycling, surfing, boat trips, fishing activities and wildlife experiences.

Do not expect  

A rural experience - Durban is a bustling, busy city, with lots to do.

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