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Sea Activities

Surfing, scuba diving, stand up paddle, kitesurfing, wakeboarding and jet-ski adventures.

How to Enjoy Sea Activities

Sea activities offer a fun way to discover a place, whether for surfing trips or going for private or group stand up paddling lessons. For the more adventurous, there are sea activities like kitesurfing at pristine beaches for beginners or experts, and parasailing where no experience is required.

Sea activities like scuba diving and snorkelling allow you to explore the underwater world. There are also sea activities such as wakeboarding – think skateboarding on water, much like waterskiing – or hire a jet-ski, and remember to be respectful of other boaters while you whizz around on the water.

Ideal for  

Those drawn to the ocean or thrill-seekers looking for something new.

Do not expect  

A lazy day out, to go without sunblock, to break the rules or to find Nemo.

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