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Rope and Cable Activities

Abseiling, zipline, bungy jumps, tree adventures and cableway experiences

How to Enjoy Rope and Cable Activities

There is a large number ways one can dangle from a length of rope or cable and have an incredible time in the great outdoors: the tactical descent of abseiling, whizzing over the forest canopy on a zipline, plummeting off a very high bridge with a bungy rope, or taking a scenic trip with a cable car.

Abseiling gets you up close with magnificent geology – a real hands-on rope and cable activity. A zipline tour shoots you through the forest, reaching up to 100 km/h. Tree adventures range from scenic forest explorations to challenging group activities. For a less physical rope and cable activity opt for a scenic cableway experience.

Ideal for  

Dyed-in-the-wool adrenaline junkies, and nature lovers who don’t have vertigo

Do not expect  

To die. Experienced professionals are always on hand to help you and keep you safe

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