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The ancient art of archery remains popular in the 21st century as a fun, stress-relieving sport.

How to Enjoy Archery

One of man’s oldest weapons, the bow and arrow has evolved significantly. Today, archery enthusiasts can choose between sophisticated recurve bows, crossbows and modern compound bows to send an arrow sailing towards the bull’s eye. The long bow is perhaps the most common and easiest to master.

Skilled archery instructors will explain the techniques to you and maintain safety throughout your session (typically an hour or two). Archery is a great way to bring the mind into focus, but you can also play target games with more than one person, making archery an awesome team building activity.

Ideal for  

Robin Hood wannabes, lovers of tradition, team building days.

Do not expect  

To shoot an apple off your friend’s head. We’re pretty sure that’s not allowed.

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