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Participation in a group drumming workshop or circle, whether learning or jamming.

How to Enjoy Drumming

Drumming offers the opportunity to get in touch with a traditional percussion instrument, or otherwise to engage with kindred spirits playing together in groups of up to as many as 3 000 people, depending on the location. Newbies signing up to learn drumming can expect to be shown basic techniques, and be guided by a facilitator.

Drumming varies culturally, as do drums, whether stand-alone or hand-held. Circles can expect a principal drummer directing the rhythm to create a unified sound. Some forms focus on music and/or a specific culture, while others can be more specialised, for example drumming for its healing properties.

Ideal for  

Percussion buffs, musos, music lovers and the culturally curious.

Do not expect  

To use a beater, some drums are hand played.

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