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Mountain Biking

When mountain biking expect to work up a sweat while biking through scenic mountain landscapes.

How to Enjoy Mountain Biking

Mountain biking will get the extreme sports lover’s adrenaline pumping. While mountain biking you can push yourself to the limit as you go full steam up the mountain and glide down pathways. Breathe in the crisp mountain air while mountain biking and take in the majestic views that surround you.

Mountain biking is the perfect activity for families or on your own and can be done most times of the year, so make sure you dress prepared and let your guide navigate you through some of the finest off-road trails. Don’t be surprised if you encounter some wildlife while mountain biking too.

Ideal for  

Outdoor explorers, adrenaline junkies and those wannabe X Games contenders.

Do not expect  

An activity with no physical exertion or perfectly paved paths and roads.

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